Babaji Cave – How to Reach


I would like to give information on how to reach the Babaji cave, based on my experiences.

How did I go? ( I mean the route)

I started from Rishikesh to Haridwar by Road. From Haridwar(HW) night train(00.05a.m) to Kathgodam(KGM) ( Train No. & Name: 4120/DDN KGM EXPRESS) it reaches next day morning 7.30 a.m.

From Kathgodam, I took an taxi(ALTO) and went via Ranikhet – Dwarahat-Yogada Satsanga Society Ashram-Dunagiri hill(this is the place where the cave is located). It took max 4.30 hrs from kathgodam to the YSS ashram.

How can one go:

Route No.1. assuming base station as Delhi

Delhi to Kathgodam via train(close to 290 kms) and if you want to rest you can stay at Kathgodam and start the next day.
From kathgodam to Ranikhet(91kms) and from Ranikhet to Dwarahat(50 kms) and from Dwarahat to Dunagiri(20kms) by road.

Route No.2
From Delhi to Ranikhet (335kms) by Bus. However, not sure of the roads as to how it looks. One need to check prior to start with army or locals whether road is open for travel

Route No.3 
Base station Haridwar
Haridwar to Rishikesh(30kms), from Rishikesh via srinagar, karnaprayag to Dwarahat( 285kms), the journey is through the road but on the mountains.

Thanks everyone for your time 🙂




11 thoughts on “Babaji Cave – How to Reach

  1. Uma

    Excellent One. what a Miracle? people who hss faith, will see the god. it is really so amazing that U went alone and had a wonderful dharsan and above all teh gaurding light drived You all through.

  2. Srigopalakrishnan

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your information.
    I saw your picasaweb album pictures. its very impressive. I would like to know the address of babaji temple at Chennai which u posted in your web album. May i have your mail id pls. we planning to visit mahavatar babaji caves shortly. Pls guide us. Thanks in advance.

  3. ravishankardalvay

    Dear sir,

    so nice you gave a clearcut idea

    Can you tell any train from south to Raniket

    ie either Bangalore Or Chennai

    with regards



    My own Self in the of Ganesh,

    Thanks for this piece of information. I want to visit Babaji’s cave very soon. Your information certainly takes me a bit nearer to my target.
    Om Namashivaya

    Tat Twam Asi

  5. Tejas Gandhi

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing route to babaji’s cave.

    I am so very glad about it.

    i have few queries.

    – Can I go in January. I am planning to go in second week of January.
    – Please tell me what wud be approximate expense of taxi from Kathgodam to Dunagiri.
    – After Dunagiri, how to reach Babaji’s cave… ?
    – Any additional information if you could share in this regards.

    Awaiting your favourable reply.


    Tejas Gandhi
    Surat – Gujarat
    Mobile : 0-90338-57580

  6. b.suresh kanna

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your information.
    I saw your picasaweb album pictures. its very impressive. I would like to know the address of babaji temple at Chennai which u posted in your web album. We planning to visit mahavatar babaji caves shortly. So pls guide us how to reach mahavathar babaji from delhi, The route for mahavathar babaji cave I am asking that which the cave visited by RAJNI KANTH and vijay tv group, I want to reach that cave, So plz guide me by mentioning the name of the places to reach
    mahavathar babaji cave which rajni kanth visited

    Thanks in advance.

  7. sv pradeep

    Dear sir,
    First i thanks to you how to reach babaji cave, i am staying in chennai.i like very babaji ,and i go through the articles of “autobiography” .even i am feel to reach my target after visit this web site. many times i visit chennai padapai ashram, thank u ji.

  8. Mariateresa Miraglia

    I’d like find how to go to Hazrat Baba Farid Ganjshakar that I think is in Delhi.
    Once Swami Veda Barathi told us in La Verna that there was a hole in La Verna (in Italy where lives Saint Francisco) and also in a cave in Delhi. I saw the first in La Verna… and I’ll be in Delhi for one day and I would like go there. My tutor told me that it is Baba Fareed’s cave.
    Could you give me an advice? Thank you Mariateresa


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